min. age for HS stduent internship

<p>NIH provides a internship program for junior or senior but applicants must be at least at the age of 16. Does any Federal sponsored HS internship have to
set min. age requirement. My recollection is kids can take paid-job when they
are 14 or older. </p>

<p>I guess there also are the internship programs other than Fedral agencies along eastern coast for next year. any hint where I should look for ?</p>



<p>Fabulous idea, ming, I'd be very interested in finding out about that too!! (son is going to be 14)</p>

<p>I don't know anything about NIH or other government jobs. Age and grade level requirements are the policy of the college, corporation or government agency involved, and will vary. There is no set rule that applies to everyone.</p>

<p>A friend got an internship at San Jose State University (College of Science) last year during the summer after her sophomore year. I don't know if it was a paid position though.</p>

<p>Ming- the age criteria will vary from one place to another, but the government-sponsored opportunities usually have more rigid requirements than, say, a university or positions in the private sector. Looking at your location, you're in a great geographical area for lots of opportunities. Are you specifically looking for a health related internship? Perhaps if you tell us your age and what type of position you're looking for, posters can help you with specific suggestions. It doesn't hurt to let your teachers, GC, and parents' friends know of your desires. Networking may help you find something that's flying under the radar. And then, there's always google!</p>

<p>I posted the thread for my S. He did volunteer work at various places including retirement home since 7th grade at the expense of his game -playing time. He really enjoys working as a Summer school TA at local elemetary school best. He will continue his Summer volunteer TA. By the end of Summer break, I bet he is going to accumulate above 300 SSL hours (SSL is sort of volunteer activity at MCPS) before embracing his high school life. </p>

<p>He plans to look for a paid job at Summer camp, MacDonald or Pizza Hut during his first high school Summer Break next year. He is gifted and admitted the most selective and challanged HS magnet programs at MCPS. So I am thinking about looking for HS internship for him instead,
but the age requirement really bothers me a lot. My S won't be able to celebrate his 16 birthday until a couple of weeks away from his graduation. </p>


<p>actually, there are many federal regulations limiting volunteer work in certain activities to age 16, stemming from child labor laws. For example, a kid cannot go onto a Habitat for Humanity job site under 16, but could volunteer to paint wood trim in a garage.</p>