Mind chancing me on NB/Honors College/scholarships?

Hey there, I’m just another clueless senior trying to find my way through the applications process. I plan on applying to a bunch of places, but my main concern is Rutgers - it’s one of the only in-state colleges I’m interested in.

I’m mainly applying to SAS for Computer Science, although I’m also considering a major in Electrical/Computer Engineering at, well, the School of Engineering. Would be nice if I could get into the Honors College either way, or with a decent merit scholarship.

Past classes: AP Calculus AB [5], AP Computer Science [5], AP U.S. History [5], AP French [3]. Took Honors for most other subjects, with Bs/As.
Current classes: AP Statistics, AP Physics C, Calculus II H, Honors English, Honors Business French
GPA: 3.6 UW, 4.0 W. My class is 750+, but my school doesn’t release rankings.
ACT: 34 Composite - 1 attempt
SAT I: 2300 - 760 CR, 740 M, 800 W - 1 attempt
SAT II: Math 2 - 780, Physics - 780, 1 attempt each
ECs: 3 years Varsity volleyball and club seasons, 1 year French Honor Society, current school library intern. Will be joining 3 nonacademic clubs this year now that I have the time. No community service aside from the internship, which counts in my school. I considered applying for NHS, but they require 30+ hours as a prerequisite and are extremely competitive besides.

I honestly have no idea what I should expect. My parents, both Filipino graduates, don’t have any experience with the colleges here - and they’ve mostly left me to do all of the work of applying by myself. Any feedback whatsoever on my level would be greatly appreciated!

From my school everyone that got Presidential had a 4.0 unweighted and a 2250+. You could probably get trustee.