Minerva Schools at KGI Class of 2025

Hi everyone!! I was trying to find a thread of people applying to Minerva this year and couldn’t find one, so I figured that I would make one. Have you guys all completed your application yet? I am just about to finish up my accomplishments and submit for the Early Action deadline!!!

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When are the EA decisions coming?

I’ve submitted my application on the last day of the extended deadline. (7-8th of November.)

Counting every hour until the notification day :hot_face:

It should be out by December 15.

I applied as well. Last week they emailed me with “we would like to invite you and your parents to have a conversation with an outreach member in your region”, I’m guessing this is an interview or something? Anyways it’s making me nervous :grimacing:

Don’t worry it’s just a small conversation to declare anything they couldn’t get from the app as well as explaining the system to your parents, it’s not a big deal.

Ah okay, I see! That helped a lot :smiley: Do they mostly ask you to elaborate on parts of the application, or ask totally new questions that aren’t on the application?

There are rumors that this invitation might be a good sign. (However, there are opposite cases too)
There shouldn’t be anything to fear, so just enjoy )

Could you share pls where you are from?

I’m from the USA :us: What about you?

I hope this isn’t the opposite one then =/

I’m from Kazakhstan :kazakhstan:
Just came back in summer from the U.S. )

Hope so too :crossed_fingers:

That’s cool!! :smiley: Are you having an interview too?

No ))

I guessed that I would not have it in the upcoming days either, so I reached out to one of the current Minerva students to find out more about those interviews.

She said that this shouldn’t be anything to be sad about nor to get one’s hopes up.

Anyway, hope for the best for you!

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That’s really helpful! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Good luck to you as well, and wherever else you’re applying to! :tada:

Thank you :crossed_fingers:

Are there other people who haven’t received an email about an interview? I feel like it’s kinda a bad sign that I haven’t gotten an email about one :frowning: but good luck to those who did!!

I really hope getting an interview means something good, but I have absolutely no idea either.

Same here. I haven’t received an email about an interview as well, and I’m super anxious right now.

Okay I’m glad that there’s other people in my situation too but hopefully this doesn’t mean that we don’t get accepted :,( keep me updated if you hear anything in this next week!!

I applied for EA and was really anxious about not getting an email about interview. Now I feel relieved. Hope that we can all get in!! :muscle:t2: