(Mini) Microwave/Fridge

<p>I was wondering what experiences others have had regarding microwaves/refrigerators. I'm an incoming freshman and I was placed into a single room. Will there be ample space for both items (as single rooms are a bit smaller)? I have the carte plus meal plan but after talking with others, I think that I'll have more points than I really need (which means I would be eating food on campus a lot more, thus minimizing my need for a microwave to make snacks, soups, etc). </p>

<p>Also, the TCNJ site states that "the room does not come with any lamps, but the overhead lighting is bright enough for most residents". Do most people buy floor lamps? What would you recommend to someone that has a single dorm (Travers)?</p>

<p>Any input would be appreciated.</p>

<p>You don't really need lamps and your single will be more than big enough for ya, believe me. There are overhead halogen lamps that pretty much light up the entire room, the only thing I'd recommend is to bring a desk light if you're going to be doing work at your desk. And I wouldnt say a microwave is absolutely necessary but its good to have. You should def get a fridge.</p>

<p>Which plan did you get Carte Blanche A (600 pts)? If its too late to change it I wouldnt worry about it, on campus points are as good as gold. If you got extra treat some of your friends lol ;)</p>

<p>Hmm alright thanks for the advice. I already bought both a lamp and a microwave but I can always return them if I find no use for them. And yes, I got 600 pts. for the semester.</p>

<p>Just fyi you only use points for non-dining hall food (stud, rat, t-dubs, library and convenience store). If you have a carte blanche plan you get unlimited swipes to the dining hall (Eickoff) no matter how many points you start with. Meal equiv also gives you an equivalent of 6.25 points from 11-1:30 everyday meaning you don't have to use points if you buy non-dining hall (only library and stud) food at a value less than 6.25 (points make up the difference). Because of this I was able to eat at the stud everyday even though I only started with 250 points and even had a lot left over at the end.</p>