Minimal Math in High School

<p>Hello eveyrone...thanks for checking this out. I'm in dire need of help. I am an overall good student (3.86 GPA, 40/546 class rank, tons of EC's and leadership positions) and I have taken AP tests as a freshman, which no one else in my school has. The only problem is that I am not so strong in math. I am taking Advanced Algebra Honors (as a sophomore...accelerated course route), but I am miserable in it, as I am in most math classes.</p>

<p>I really only want to take three years of math, but I am not sure if it would hurt my chances of getting into to my top three (NYU, Columbia, and Yale).
If I took math up until the Pre-Cal level, how would this affect my chances? Would I be better off taking Calculus AP even if I probably won't do so hot?</p>

<p>Thanks for the input!</p>

<p>I think you should take all four years. Maybe you could take a statistics class instead though.</p>

<p>Uhh how about you ask again in two years? Calc is pretty different from Algebra, and your teacher can make a world of difference.</p>

<p>To generalize, though, if you're going to take only three years of math then make sure the extra course you're taking senior year is worth it. Don't drop it for an extra study hall, but it's ok if you're REALLY hardcore about, say, history, and want to take both AP Euro and AP World your senior year. Personally, though, I would recommend 4 years of math to anyone aiming for schools like Yale. It's like English - it's practically a basic necessity, regardless of whether you're going to use Calc in your life or not. That's just my opinion, though. Of course there have been instances where people got in with only three years, but it's not something to count on.</p>