Minimalist Dorm List

S20 is planning to move into the dorm in a few weeks. Of course, who knows if they’ll be able to stay! I don’t want to pack too much in case they have to leave, and my son is a minimalist who only wants to bring a few pieces of clothing. I assumed he’d rent a fridge/microwave and he’s thinking he won’t need that. On the other hand, lots of classes are online so I do think he’ll be in his dorm room a lot.
With that in mind, what do you recommend we bring to the dorm? I know there are a ton of dorm packing lists, but with covid and an uninterested boy, what do you think?

I asked a similar question for my D20 a little while ago. There were some great ideas posted.

Thanks! I figured it was somewhere but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.