Minimum Grades - Prerequisite Math

<p>The McGill website states on its Admission Standards for US High School students that an A- grade in each "prerequisite math and science class" is required. The prerequisite math class is listed as precalculus. My child never took precalculus, but went straight into Calc AB (junior year) and now Calc BC for senior year. My child did get an A in Calc AB last year (as well as a 5 on the AP Calc test) but is having some difficulty in Calc BC. Do you think the A- requirement, which as I read it applies only to precalculus, would apply to Calc BC as well?</p>

<p>No, I don't think the A- requirement would apply to Calc BC. Your reading seems correct.</p>

<p>Thanks violindad. It's good to have a bit of a affirmation during this process!</p>