Minimum grades required to go from a 2.3gpa to a 3.5gpa avg?

Hi everyone! So I just completed my first semester at brookdale community college here in new jersey. At first, I was doing really well, was getting good grades, acing tests, but then I got a job and it took all of my time. It became extremely difficult to manage both, so I withdrew from my PSYC-101 class (3credits) and ended up getting a C in MATH-151 (4credits), a C in HIST-105 (3credits) and a B in ENG-121 (3credits). I just heard about an Honors Association and really want to join so that I can move on to a good 4 year school, but a 3.5gpa minimum is required to enter and I’m not sure if I stand a chance. This semester I’ll be taking BIO (4credits), CHEM (5credits), MATH (4credits), PSYC (3credits), and ENG (3credits). I’ll definitely be doing better this semester since my job has been more lax as of late. Could anyone help me calculate the minimum grades required to get have a 3.5 avg gpa by the end of this semester? Thanks in advance, guys.

It’s not possible since you got less than a 3.0 this semester.

If you get all As you’ll have a 3.41 19 credits times 4 quality points equals 76, 10 credits times 2.3 quality points equals 23, 76 + 23 divided by 29 total credits.

Damn, well thanks for helping out guys. I still may be able to get into the course, I just won’t be able to take 6 HA credits. I just need it so that I don’t go to Rutgers like every other person here in New Jersey.