Minimum SAT/ACT score

<p>Has FSU always had the minimum 1100 SAT and 24 ACT score on their applicant requirements?</p>

<p>As of Aug 2007, the website suggests that a student should present with a minimum of a B+ average and an SAT of 1100, but does separate out and later states that it "requires" a "minimum" of 470 on CR and 480 on math. So, while one is not competitive with a total of 1090, it appears one can at least submit an application if the CR is 470 and the math is 480. I would call and ask specifically. With enrollment numbers for 2008 frozen at 2006 or 2007 levels, it is getting harder to get in to FSU.</p>

<p>Thank you for the clarification. I noticed those minimums as well, so it's a bit conflicting. D has very good GPA, but not doing so well on the SAT. Luckily she's a junior and has time for more attempts. I hear you about the competition. We'll ask specfically at the campus visit later this month.</p>

<p>Get her into a Powerscore or Testmasters course for SAT prep.</p>

<p>Are those courses better than Princeton Review and/or less expensive?</p>

<p>D has a good GPA, good recs, great EC's, a decent CR and W, but after 2 SAT's and 1 ACT a lousy Math score. She would be a match for FSU except for the Math. After a visit to a safety, and a huge amount of tears within the first 5 minutes on campus ("OMG I would never ever want to go here, I don't even want to stay for the tour...what do I have to do to get into FSU"), she agreed to some prep. We found a a private math tutor (prior HS math teacher) who tutors both for academic classes and SAT. D visited for an hour weekly over the summer, took practice Math tests in between the formal sessions, and retook the SAT in Oct. She had a very nice improvement in her Math score, and we hope and pray for a yes from FSU. We paid $70/hr, used about 10 hours, and it was the best $700 we ever spent. We visited Hungtinton, who said she would need a minimum of 50 hours of intensive study--4 hours a week for 12+ weeks, for something like $3600. Are you kidding me? That would cover tuition at FSU for a year. </p>

<p>What we did like about Huntington was that they administered a practice test just like the SAT--a full 9 segments, timed, etc and we got a multipage report about exactly where her strengths and weaknesses were. That was $150 with a $50 off coupon bringing it to $100. That also included the conference during which they tried to persuade us on the prep needed. We just said we would think about it, left with the report (which was ours to keep) and found something better. The report did help her tutor in focusing in on areas. </p>

<p>For us, we just now wait for Nov 28. And pray.</p>

<p>good luck sunnyflorida. we are in waiting mode as well for our s. being oos, makes his chances a bit tougher. but we shall see what happens in 27 days.</p>

<p>did your daughter apply for the summer session?</p>

<p>Yes she did. And today is a good day. She logged in to see if anything was missing in her USF file, and found a "Congratulations, your in!" So with a safely in hand, the wait will be a bit easier.</p>

<p>I hope she get into FSU, sunnyflorida. We will be pulling for her and the other students who are waiting to hear. Glad to hear she was accepted at USF.</p>

<p>We're also waiting to hear some news - our D1 (now a senior at FSU) has applied to about 10 med schools. She's also waiting but has received some good news in the form of secondaries from 7 of 10 so far.</p>

<p>I had not heard of Powerscore or Testmasters. D took a summer camp class at Princeton Review and then the refresher class for the October SAT. I was very disappointed that scores were not better after the class. It was about 40 hours over 2 weeks and then the refreshers about 20 more. I think a lot has to do with the teacher. When I called PR and told them I was not satisfied with the improvement they said she could get into another class that was currently taking place with a "Master" instructor. Why didn't she have a "Master" instructor to begin with? I was not eligible for the refund because her scores had gone up from the baseline. They no longer guarantee 200 points, just "improvement". That can be 10 points.</p>

<p>At this point she's just going to work on the blue book practice tests as well as taking both the SAT and ACT in December. Practice ACT was a 23, maybe she'll do better on that. </p>

<p>I'm very interested to see if SunnyFlorida's D get into FSU. I hope so!</p>