Minimum SAT for duke

<p>im posting everywhere. lol. sorry!</p>

<p>but what would be like the minimum SAT required to get into here?</p>

<p>it's impossible to tell exactly of course, but it depends on whether you're going to do arts and sciences or engineering.
as far as a MINIMUM for a non-legacy non-athelete, I would say 1350 for arts and sciences and 1400 for engineering. Even with those scores you would still have a lot of work to do though</p>

<p>Theoretically...400 (Celebrities you know)</p>

<p>I hear that Duke is trying to boost its standing (it was ranked #3 in USNandWR), so they are being a little more picky now. The guy who came to my school from Duke said that they are looking for 1400+, essentially the same for most highly selective colleges, unless you have a really good other bonus.</p>

<p>how about ACTs? I really hoped that my SAT scores would go up a lot as the many practice tests I took indicated, but they instead increased by 10 points to 1370. Bright side is that I have a 32 on the ACTS and am taking them again this Saturday, expecting 33-34.
I have had my heart set on Duke for a while, I have most of the application filled out, I like my essay so far (it needs minor tweaking), my recs are good, my ECs are heavily music-based.</p>

<p>do engineering schools care really much about sat verbal scores as much as math? For example, if you get a 1400 overall but a 800 math, does it offset your poor verbal when you apply to engineering programs?</p>

<p>well, a 1400 is a good score no matter what the verbal/math split is, and having an 800 math is great for engineering. but remember, 75% of engineering students had at least a 1450 on the SAT. What about your SAT IIs?</p>

<p>seahorse_05: a 32 is a good score (duke's middle 50% had 29-34). a 33 or 34 would make you a fine candidate as long as everything else is sound</p>

<p>ecnerwalc3321 u have 800m and 600v? I have the same thing as you, b/c i am international Student, me no speak English no good :). Daaa? (Well i am chinese, so i guess it's no Daaa, that' more russian (not meant to be a racist comment) )
I only got a 1400, and Duke wants SAT II writing, so i was like forget that!
Anyway, good luck with your scores and application. Apply to Duquesne ppl, it's pronounced (Ducane!)... Best school ever!</p>