Minnesota Class of 2012

<p>Anyone definately going yet? I am, and I'm super nervous. I hope I made the right decision.</p>

<p>I am waiting to hear from my other schools. I will most likely end up here unless I get into University of Washington with $$, I will be more than happy to come to Minnesota, but so far... I haven't decided yet.</p>

<p>I’m IN!! OOS accepted to Institute of Technology</p>

<p>Out of State (NJ)
GPA - 3.5 UW.
Rank – My school ranks only in deciles using their version of Weighted which probably puts me around the top 15% level.
Honors / AP – By the end of my Junior Year I had taken 10 Honors courses along with AP Physics (got a 4 on the test). My senior Schedule includes Honors English, AP World History, AP US History, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Calculus
EC – The run of the mill stuff like most everyone – Volunteer at Senior Citizen Center, 3 years Track (both indoor and outdoor), Robotics Club, Biology Club, etc.
SAT = 1340/1600 and 1970/2400.
SAT II – Math II (720), Physics (710), Chemistry (710)
ACT = Composite of 31 (32 if they super score) on two separate tests with highs of 35 on the Science section and 33 on the Math Section. Lowest score was a 29 on the English section.</p>

<p>I have already been accepted at Univ. of Wisc, Univ. of Illinois and Penn State but I really liked Minn so I’m not sure where I will end up as I still have come applications I’m waiting on (e.g., Univ. of Maryland, Cornell and McGill). It might depend on the best fia aid package</p>

<p>I still haven't heard back from Penn State. I did get into U of Minnesota, U of Iowa, U of Nebraska, Creighton University, and William Jewell College. I'm pretty definate on Minnesota. Anyone know what I should request for housing?</p>

<p>I'm definitely going to Minnesota! I already sent in my confirmation, and I completed my housing application. I'm so ready, and I'm so excited!! I feel like Minnesota is perfect-- it has everything I want. And it helps that Minneapolis is perfect too! This is cool, take a look: America's</a> Favorite Cities 2007 | Minneapolis/St. Paul | Travel + Leisure </p>

<p>I had Middlebrook as my first choice for housing- and thats just because I'm hoping for the Biology Honors Living and Learning Community. Frontier Hall is my second choice with the Biology Living and Learning Community, and Centennial Hall is my third choice with the ROTC Living and Learning Community.</p>

<p>I can't wait!!!</p>

<p>I feel like alot of people request learning communities. I only have one I would actually want to be in. Is that bad? Or should I try to find another one to get to know people? My history teacher's sister goes to Minnesota, so I am going to facebook friend her tonight and ask her.</p>

<p>well im not 100% on going but im REALLY excited cuz i just checked my status and i got in! i have a feeling ill end up going and loving it, but i can never be sure.</p>

<p>I'm struggling over Carlson, Wisc-Madison, or Indiana Kelley...grrrrr give me some suggestionssss..anyone out there? I'm WI resident! OOS for Indiana, reciprocity for MN</p>

<p>well zouman, me and your are more or less in the same boat. i took indiana out right away cuz i would never want to pay out of state tuition, i would rather just go to a good private school. honestly, i would probably rather go to wisconsin over minnesota. except i hate the fact that wisconsin's business school is 2 year and it is getting harder and harder to get into it, the average college g.p.a. is just under 3.6! i dont want to take the risk of not doing as well in college as i hoped for and not even being able to major in what i want. that was all it took for me to go towards minnesota, but the choice is yours. good luck in deciding.</p>

<p>apayton, Indiana's offering 8000 dollars for scholarship....and i mite be able 2 get more. I wanna go 2 Indiana cuz i wanna go work somewhere on the east coast like maybe wall st. someday. btw, madison changed biz admission to after freshman yr. ur right, admission is getting a lot tougher. That's y i would go 2 Carlson over Madison. (unless madison offers me this 7000 tuition scholarship that I doubt i will get)</p>

<p>go to carlson, i heard its the best business school in the midwest. the east coast is overrated (im from philadelphia), stay in the midwest.</p>