Minor in ECE and Applied Math concerns

<p>I am currently a double major in Economics and either Applied Mathematics or Statistics at the University of Rochester. The way my schedule is working out, I could get a minor in Electrical/Computer Engineering without much difficulty. Do you think this would be a valuable learning experience? Do you think this would help my career prospects (I will be an officer in the navy after graduation but don't currently plan on it being a career)? Do people care if I have a minor in ECE?</p>

<p>I am worried that a degree in Applied Math doesn't really do much more than act as a supplement to my economics major. I recognize that this is valuable, but I would also definitely enjoy some hands on engineering work, and I don't really know of any "applied math careers" other than becoming an actuary or working in quantfinance. Would I be able to do any engineering jobs with a degree in applied math? Would a minor in ECE help my prospects in working in engineering if I decide thats what I want? If applied math, for my purposes isn't any more valuable than statisitcs, I might decided to do that instead because it has more free elective space to take engineering/econ courses</p>