Minor - socioloy or econ

<p>Hi, I'm considering the EMS major in SEAS. I'm interested in sociology or econ for possible minors -- i'd be happy to study any of the two. i know that an econ minor is really convenient for EMS majors, but the sociology minor is also appealing albeit a tad less convenient (i'd have to tack on 2 more classes in my college career, not too bad). </p>

<p>i'd assume that sociology classes in general are easier/require less HW time than similar level econ courses?</p>

<p>take a class in each your first semester and see which you like. don't pick a minor because it's "more convenient" or "less work," pick a minor because you took a few (college) classes in it, and you're genuinely interested in learning more about what you heard in those classes. different strokes for different folks, what seems ridiculously easy for one person may seem painstakingly difficult for another, since, among other reasons, when you enjoy what you're working on the work is a lot more bearable and a lot easier.</p>

<p>you could easily finish minors in both. Sociology is "easier" but you'd be ahead of the curve for the math in econ classes, which definitely helps.</p>

<p>hmmm....i feel like sociology would be nicer/more interesting since after a while i would get sick of all the math/problem solving of SEAS ...plus almost everyone in IEOR does a minor in econ so the curve wouldn't be extremely beneficial right?</p>