Minor? Study Abroad?

<p>I am currently a freshman Computer Engineering major. I recently talked with my advisor about different minors to add. She recommended a cognitive science, mathematics, or computer science minor. What would be the most beneficial minor to add to my major?</p>

<p>We also dicussed study abroad options. My thought though is that since the US is one of the most technologically advanced countries right now, why take technical courses abroad? I would love to study abroad but I am wondering if anyone knows of any solid programs overseas.</p>

<p>CS would be the most useful since you'll likely encounter some programming on the job whereas cognitive sciences and math will probably be a waste of time.</p>

<p>^ unless the OP is planning on getting a PhD in robotics or something ridiculous like that. CS, I agree, is the way to go. You could also just use the extra courses to take classes that interest you, since a minor won't help you career-wise anyway. </p>

<p>As far as looking for solid overseas programs, check with your school!</p>