Minor tornado near the Barn

<p>Seems like a minor tornado touched down near AU, I saw on all my AL weather warnings. I thought tornado season was in the spring?</p>

<p>Hope everyone is safe.</p>

<p>Spring and fall are both seasons of severe/tornadic weather in Alabama, with November usually being the worse month during the Fall season.</p>

<p>uab kids were sent to shelter this am...about 10 am..all ok nothing touched down that i have heard</p>

<p>That wasn't a tornado. That was just an upwards airflow do to the major SUCKING of their football team this year.</p>

<p>Late fall is a secondary tornado season in the South. Before this year's tornado in April, the last deadly tornado to pass through Tuscaloosa was in December 2000.</p>

<p>How are things around UA from today's storm?</p>

<p>lol njbama!!! their football sucks all the time...not a big deal over there..and UA BOT just turned down their new stadium request.. guess the stepchild wont be able to build their program now either :)</p>

<p>NJB was talking about Auburn, parent56.</p>

<p>feenotype..oops..but same applies LOL :)</p>

<p>YES, I was referring to auburn in regards to the sucking.</p>

<p>But since it was brought up I do think UAB playing D1 football is a joke. The program loses money every year and is a drain on the entire UA system. Out of the 20K they do draw to games only maybe half actually paid for their tickets.</p>

<p>Whether some want to admit it or not the whole idea of UAB playing D1 was instigated by auburn in hopes that it would hurt The University of Alabama. They didn't get their wish. But they have hurt the students in the UA system by taking away resources to fund a program that virtually no one cares about.</p>

<p>njbama... i am not a football fan at all..so i personally dont care about a stadium etc ...although i understand the thought that with interest rates low currently..it might be a good time and also that legion field stadium really is in need of structural repairs. think the proposal is dead though</p>

<p>Getting off topic, but the stadium proposal isn't dead yet. Too much much money and political capital has been spent on it to die this way. Now, I personally think this stadium is a good idea for all of the Birmingham and Alabama economy rather than just for the benefit of UAB's football program, which I really don't have a stake in.</p>

<p>feenotype.. you're right,it may not be dead afterall... i just googled and news today:
Lawmakers</a> lobby for UAB football stadium | al.com</p>

<p>feenotype.. have you heard that there is a movement for UAH to leave the UAsystem? they are not happy about the hockey program and not happy about UA's research office. they also have no members on the BOT..</p>

<p>Critics</a> Call For UA-Huntsville To Split From State System - WHNT</p>

<p>rumblings about uab also but nothing definitive</p>