Minor transcript error, avoid risk of rescinded admit offer?

Hello, I was accepted to my dream school, a small Northeast LAC, for transfer.

I have a course listed as “Research II” on my updated “courses in progress” sheet submitted right before receiving my acceptance. There is already a Research I on my transcript; the mid-year report had my Professor sign off my current grade in this “Research II” course, which is part of a year long program at my CC (hence the prior semester Research 1).

Problem is: The course as it was added to my schedule was listed as “Research I,” so it looks like now that there are two Research I courses on my transcript, from different sections. Since my research project is in a field(economics) not normally covered by the available course catalogue, they had rushed to build a new course for me(and expand the research program). When applying, my program advisors said that they were working on changing that, but now it seems they won’t be able to.

Could this possibly be an issue with admissions? The last thing I’d like to do is make it seem like I’m changing my courses around–the class and project itself has not changed, it’s simply a matter of the “I” instead of “II.” Am I being overly paranoid since I was just accepted to a program with such a low acceptance rate, and a school I really want to go to? Is it worth giving admissions a call, or just speaking to the registrar who evaluates transfer credits?

Thanks in advance!