<p>If i take a minor at cornell, and a couple years pass after i graduate from cornell with a degree in my major, how hard would it be to go back and get a major in the subject i already have a minor in?</p>

<p>as with any college, it would depend on how many credits you took which fall under that "major," when you took the subject as a "minor"... your would have to finish whatever classes you have left in order to complete that "Major."</p>

<p>but so you can basically go back and start right up where you left off, even if many years have passed? they won't make you retake any courses?</p>

<p>I don't think it would matter. As long as you meet the degree requirements with the credits you have accumulated over the years. You may have to take something over again to gain entrance into the program, but as long as they accept the credits, I think you would be fine. This is what I would assume from my mom's graduate studies experiences. </p>

<p>Anyone else with a different opinion?? Where's Wharf Rat??</p>