minoring, double minoring, and pass/no pass

<p>i'm an econ major and i'm minoring in linguistics. i should be done with the minor by the end of the year. according to how i have my 4 year plan mapped out, my winter/spring quarter of my senior year are completely free - since econ is such a small major, i have space to fill before i hit 180. should i take up another minor? and if so, would it be a bad idea to take all/a lot of the classes pass/no pass? i was considering sociology since it seems interesting judging from what my housemate says, but i don't want to hurt my gpa attempting to complete a minor in two quarters. how would this look to grad schools? some other GE type classes i've taken are german(20-22), comparative lit, film studies, and philosophy. does anyone here have any insight on these departments?</p>

<p>what grad school are you attending?
if its a mathetical/science grad school, then you need a lot more math/stats courses.</p>

<p>if it's a grad school that only cares about high gpa's, then take classes that raises your gpa.</p>