Minority at ND

<p>Overall, how does being a minority help in the application process of ND. I know you have to be overall a good student still, but can someone give me more information. If it means anything, I am an African-American</p>

<p>buuuuump! I hear diversity is not so good haha. Is notre dame doing a lot to try to reach out to minority students? I know Boston College is.</p>

<p>Diversity at ND is when the new J. Crew catalog comes out.</p>

<p>The University has had a goal in recent years of 25% underrepresented minority acceptances. If you search some of the older threads on this site, you will see that they have struggled to achieve that 25% goal. In addition, the University strives for 25% Legacy students. Legacies had one or both parents (not other relatives such as grandparents, uncles, etc.) who attended ND. Alternatively, an uncle who was a Holy Cross priest will gain you legacy status.
Unlike some schools, ND is upfront in stating these goals so that everyone knows the ground rules going in.</p>