Minors and Skills

<p>Engineering forum: I've been thinking on minor options. I know some would say don't bother, but I actually like the extra knowledge, and if it helps on the resume/job hunt then bonus. Just curious if and what you have minored in? I was thinking International Business (since the engineering world seems to be int'l), Math, etc. But also thinking of something to showcase diversity too, like music since I play and compose.</p>

<p>Also, anybody do any skill training as well? I was thinking of taking a welding course or two. Again, from a desire-to-learn standpoint, but I can't imagine it would hurt...especially in building Baja/Formula senior projects. Thoughts?</p>

<p>When I was reviewing applicants for an engineering position, I would always want the most prepared ENGINEER I could find. International Business may be fun, but wouldn’t impress me at all. We had a lot of business majors to handle the business side of things, we needed engineers to do engineering.</p>

<p>I took graduate classes instead of a minor. That said, I’m a huge proponent of statistics. I have found the ability to analyze and present data to be invaluable.</p>

<p>I second stats, also CS is a great skill to have.</p>

<p>Interesting take guys! I hear what you’re saying HPuck, guess I thought it be a + on the resume. That’s why this site exists! And Chucktown, you referring to a CompSci minor?</p>

<p>Yes, computer science definitely.</p>