Minors, emphasis and careers for a Language/Economics double major

<p>Hi. I've recently been accepted into a university X with a scholarship to its English Language program (which is basically linguistics with an emphasis on English grammar, syntax, phonology, etc.) and I'm planning on doing a double major sometime in the future in Mathematical Economics. Because of the rigid academic policies of the university, my options for a double major are somewhat limited, and I'm only allowed to pick a second major in the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Business, Architecture & Design, and Engineering. None of these schools and their academic programs interest me except the economics program in the Business school. Beside majors, I'm allowed to take multiple minors in the various schools, including Actuarial science, Mathematics, Sociology, Psychology, Computer Science, Advertising, Biology, International affairs/Political Science, and Legal Studies. I've decided to at least do minors in Actuary and Math to supplement my Math Econ degree and possible future career, but I'm not sure what sort linguistcs-based career I should do or is logical/practical for me to do. I've heard a lot about budding linguistic subfields, such as Sociolinguistics, Computational linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Forensice linguistics, and Neurolinguistics, and I would like to someday be involved in one two of these domains. The thing is that I don't know if I can actually find a career in any of these fields with just a English Lang major and some minors. Can anyone give me some info about these careers, their requirements, and the comparison between them and the academia involved and suggest what minors I should pursue to supplement/complement my Language degree?</p>

<p>Note: I don't want to work as an English teacher or translator. That's why I didn't mention any programs related to them. So please, don't advise anything related to those careers. Thanks in advance :)</p>