Minors with Journalism?

Hi. I am thinking about choosing a journalism major. What would be some good minors to pair with it? I am thinking of double minoring in creative writing and some kind of political study, but am not sure. Let me know what you think!

Or should I major in something else?

Really depends on your interests and what you see yourself doing with the journalism degree. Econ would be good, or public health, or business. Or even a science. Two writing majors seem a bit redundant.

Do you want to work as a journalist? If so, you should know that the number-one most important preparation is work on a DAILY, INDEPENDENT college newspaper. Way more important than a journalism major. Are you in college already?

As for minors, anything that strikes your fancy. Whatever you enjoy.

I’m not in college yet. I’m a sophomore in high school. What exactly makes a college newspaper independent?
Thank you for your comment.