<p>If I were in the business school, would I be able to pursue minors in the College or SFS?</p>

<p>Maybe I'm just sleep-deprived, but I can't this information online...</p>

<p>You can have minors in any of the undergraduate schools. Only your major has to be in your school (and if it isn't, then internal transfers are relatively simple). Some people in MSB are minoring in Art. I'm probably minoring in French.</p>

<p>The SFS does not offer minors per se. It does have some certificate programs that are akin to minors, but more intensive (more courses and requirements).</p>

<p>With regard to the MSB specifically, the details can be found here: Georgetown</a> University Undergraduate Bulletin 2011-2012: McDonough School of Business</p>

<p>McDonough strongly supports students who would like to choose a minor in one of the nearly 50 liberal arts disciplines in the College. This blend of wide-ranging liberal studies and business courses creates opportunities for students to pursue diverse areas of interest.</p>


<p>*Declaring a Minor</p>

<p>Students may elect a minor from among the many departments within Georgetown College. Many MSB students select minors from among the liberal arts offerings. The general requirements for minors are listed in the Bulletin under the course offerings for the appropriate departments. Students seeking a minor should consult with the appropriate department to obtain authorization and complete the Declaration of Minor Form. Successful completion of the minor will be noted on the student’s final transcript, together with the major. Business students may not elect a minor within The McDonough School of Business, School of Foreign Service, or School of Nursing and Health Studies.*</p>

<p>So I can pursue a minor in the College, but not in MSB if I'm a business student? That seems kinda strange...</p>

<p>Thanks for the help!</p>

<p>Most of the time double majoring is a matter of 3 or 4 more classes; you pick up another major in MSB, not minor.</p>

<p>^ Very true...Lots of people double major at the MSB. The 5 free elective credits + AP credit really facilitates pursuing a double major without having to seriously overload each semester. </p>

<p>I don't know where your academic interests lie but there are many, many minors to choose from at the College. My roommate is actually not planning to double major but wants to major in International Business and is still undecided between STIA or Chinese for a minor.</p>