<p>so im set on going to ucsd and i plan on majoring on biochemistry. i plan on going to med school after college. however, i would like to minor in something that deals with the atmospheric sciences. i was watching some videos from theu.com and they said that its possible to create your own minor. is that possible? and if it isnt, is there anything related to atmospheric sciences? if it is possible, do you think its hard to accomplish? or do you think its a bad idea since it'll will probably interfere with what i want to do in the future? thanks</p>

<p>Maybe you should take atmospheric chemistry (chem 173) first and decide how much you like if after that? The class was pretty good when I took it.</p>

<p>here is a list of minors
Undergraduate</a> Minor Codes</p>

<p>You can definitely create your own minor! Just figure out what you want to do and get in touch with relevant departments. I suggest checking out the SIO (Scripps Institute of Oceanography) classes offered here every quarter.</p>

<p>thank you hopefullyokay for the information! ive been interested in extreme weather ever since i was little and a minor in something like that would go well with me! and astrina, do u happen to know what atmospheric chemistry is all about? that seems interesting as well!</p>