MIS major in the Northeast

<p>I have struggled in the past to determine what major was right for me...and I think I have found the perfect match in MIS.... What schools are good for my stats that will get me recruited ?? I know colleges like MIT and Carnegie Mellon are amazing for MIS, but what other programs can I get into that will offer me good job opportunities and recruiting?</p>

<p>What I want from a school:
-Good MIS Program
-Urban/Suburban Location
-Good Recruiting(Big well known finance companies, would love to work for like Goldman Technology or Deutsche Bank Technology)
-Religious is not a problem, at all. But neither is a very liberal campus.</p>

<p>Now, for my stats.
White Catholic Male
New York State Resident
GPA: 3.4-3.5 Unweighted GPA(No honors or AP Classes offered)
1850-1900 SAT(based off prac tests- say 550m 650v 650w-this is close to what i got last time)
4 Years Basketball Team(Not good enough for recruiting)
Boys State</p>

<p>My Current List:
School: Fordham University (A top choice for me as I know adcoms-almost guaranteed - but I don't know how their MIS is)
Major: MIS
Type: Match
SAT 25-75%: 1740-2000
Percent Accepted: 50%
Choice: #1 Choice</p>

<p>School: Manhattan College (Desperate safety, want to replace)
Major: MIS
Type: Safety?
SAT 25-75%:
Percent Accepted: 57%
Choice: #3 Choice</p>

<p>School: Bentley College ( Don't know how thier MIS is )
Major: MIS
Type: High Match/Reach
SAT 25-75%: 1760-1970
Percent Accepted: 43%
Choice: #2 Choice</p>

<p>Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>Bump it up</p>

<p>bump it- apps go out soon guys ~_~</p>

<p>maybe people (such as myself..) dont know what MIS is?</p>

<p>whats so grt about going into management info systems</p>

<p>Sorry about that. It is Management Information Systems.</p>