Misc. questions from a new freshman

<p>My daughter is excited to start at IU in the fall '09. She's coming from California and has a few questions we're hoping someone on this forum could answer. 1) When visiting she found her cell phone using AT&T (Cingular) didn't get great reception. What's been your experience? 2) What's the most convenient bank for ATM access, etc? Our bank isn't in Indiana so we'll need to pick a new one and would like some advice.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>5/3 bank ! What is your daughter going to study?</p>

<p>Uh, there's a bank called 5/3? I'll look it up. My daughter is a Kelley direct admit planning on studying marketing/international business. The other strings about course selection have been most helpful!</p>

<p>IU Credit Union is the most convenient bank to have. There are atm's located all over campus and even an actual IU Credit union in the IMU so if she needed to withdraw or deposit funds, it would be easy and very convenient for her. As far as cell phone providers go, Sprint isn't too bad. I have them and haven't had very much trouble. Also, my friends with verizon say they get good reception so I would check into that, also. Oh yeah, by 5/3, he meant Fifth Third bank.</p>

<p>My son is finishing up his Freshman year at IU. He has cell phone service through AT&T, and when he moved in last Fall, the reception was horrible. He had to go outside his dorm to make phone calls. Sometime in the late Fall, early Winter, this situation changed. His phone service is fine now. He can use his phone in his dorm with no problems at all. I don't know if some new towers were installed on/near campus, but whatever it was fixed the problem. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Verizon has great reception in Bloomington--and the nice thing is that you can get one of those plans with a set amount of minutes (like 700 or 1400) for your own phone, and then it is only $10 a month (plus the cost of the phone of course) to add on a phone for your daughter. Also, if you do get one of these plans, consider spending the extra $5 a month if your daughter texts a lot. She can send 250 texts a month for the extra $5--otherwise it starts costing extra after the first 20 texts.</p>

<p>Can't recommend a bank. The one my son uses (Chase) is okay because it is local to where he lives in Bloomington--but not really very convenient otherwise.</p>

<p>Son also has a Verizon plan and has had no complaints about reception. It has been dramatically better than last year when he had Virgin Mobile service. </p>

<p>Son also has a Chase account. I think there is a Chase ATM at the IMU, then branches downtown and on 3rd St. heading toward the mall. I like that, in an emergency, I can make a deposit at our local branch here in IL.</p>

<p>IU Credit Union is a very good option. My son has his account there and we have had no problems at all. He also has Verison phone service, I have never had a problem contacting him anywhere on campus</p>

<p>Can anyone confirm that Chase has atm in Student Union? This would be really convenient as I bank with Chase in NY. Thanks.</p>

<p>I just spoke with my S and he says there is a machine in the Union. Also, one over on Kirkwood (by the bars, not sure I needed to hear that!), and one over by Teter.</p>

<p>Thanks IllinoisMom2006! That will make things really easy,now I just need the money to put in the bank account.</p>