Miscalculated EFC

<p>im a freshman and uc davis miscalcuated how much they meant to give me through the UG scholarship they gave me and now they are making me pay the money back. Is this fair? They are the ones who made the mistake in telling me how much aid to expect and my parents set plans and loans according to their numbers.</p>

<p>I'm sure the situation is more complicated than you describe. Presumably you signed some forms when you accepted the money that allows them to correct mistakes.</p>

<p>how do you see how much money we get??cause i never go that...</p>

<p>Check through eFan.</p>

<p>Who knows if it's fair, but that doesn't really matter... part of the agreement that you make when you accept financial aid funds is that if they give you too much they can make you pay the excess amount back. It definitely sucks to be in that situation but supposedly your family should be able to handle it.</p>