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How are you doing now? I was touched by your story as well!

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Thank you both for the warm comments! I’m doing really well. Since college I’ve had a very stable life. More than stable, I’ve been blessed with very supportive relationships, good health, and a wealth of opportunities. I’m thankful every day for what Chris did to help me. I’m so excited to start my graduate studies at MIT in the Fall. Everything’s come full circle :slight_smile:


For anyone with knowledge regarding the tuition refund plan. Do you get the plan even if you’re a full aid student? My mom said no but I still thought I should ask in case anything happens or one day they decide not to pay anymore :slight_smile:

What’s to refund though. You haven’t paid anything.

That’s not what I mean exactly. I mean down the line if I were to dis-enroll from the school would they make me pay the full tuition amount or because I was FA kid just let it happen without taking anything.

In this case it doesn’t make sense for the school to request “refund “ from you. You simply forfeit the rest of your aid.

Public service announcement for parents needing to rent a car to pick up their student(s) at the end of this term:

Rental car prices have gone through the roof! I checked the most well known in Boston, Hartford, & Providence…did web-search on this and read that there is a shortage of rental cars. So, if you are needing one in a high-demand area where there are lots of colleges/schools -it’s going to be more expensive than last year.

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April 12 - time to hit the reset button!


I knew I should’ve never let my BF talk me into watching 90 Day Fiance. What a train wreck.

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Is it as bad as The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

(Granted, I prefer “Bizarre Murders” and “How (Not) To Kill Your Husband.” )

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I’m not sure-- no one has ever convinced me to watch either of those. I could see how your preferred viewings could also get one hooked, however.

It’s worse.

I just find The Bachelor demeaning.

But I find the retired FBI agents “pro tips” and commentary amusing.

  • “pro tip” - don’t bring your cell phone that you planned out the murder on to the crime.
  • Don’t try to murder ER nurses. They’re good people, and they’ve been trained in self defense.

I suppose it would be.

Signing an I-864 can have more lasting consequences than the marriage.

I watch 90 day fiancé just to laugh at how ludicrous it is…the previous contenders reacting to it is even better. Annie and David are priceless.

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“Naked and Afraid” - DH can’t help watching if he happens upon it and every time I feel like I lost an hour of my life that I will never get back :joy:


It’s good not to do everything together. :slight_smile:

“Cheaters” is also not the greatest couples show.

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I hit on Dancing Queen on Netflix. It’s Dance Moms and RuPaul’s Drag Race rolled into one. Couldn’t look away…


This sounds right up my alley, I have to confess!!

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Far less trashy, and very sweet, is the Netflix documentary Speedcuber. @Calliemomofgirls must watch!