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Public school kids can apply to CYA. It isn’t just for BS.


@CaliMex is right. I just brought up the BS connection because I think it lends some credibility to the program. I know Peddie and Lawrenceville both use them. I am sure others do as well.

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So mysterious. But sounds like something good going on, so, congrats?

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Thanks for the ideas everyone!
And @Golfgr8 – how long are you keeping us in suspense? Sounds like a college announcement is coming?


SevenDad here with a quick drop-in/drive-by. :wink:

So far behind on this thread I can’t pretend to have caught up.

Anyway…in the spirit of Miscellaneous Rambling: two songs that I’m loving at the moment:

The Anxiety “Meet Me at Our Spot” (I know, I know, it’s been out for a while!)

and (no surprise), Maggie Rogers’ new song, “That’s Where I Am”

Hoping you all are well. 7D2 graduates college in about a month. Wow.


@SevenDad, glad to see you picking up where you left off. I’m sure you don’t want me to post links to BeeGees videos with all that hair and those crazy cool medallions… :wink:



Meet me at our spot is such an earworm! Don’t know what it is about that song. Caught a vibe…

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Hi @SevenDad!

I’m back this year with daughter #2…it’s so strange to see so many of the same names 9 years later!


Is @photodad still around too? Daughter 2 is going to CA.

School Year Abroad would be an option. SYA.org. They now have semester programs too.

Updates over here:
DD4 made late-game decision to apply to BS and pivoted entirely and is now going to join her two sisters (including her identical twin – heart surgery daughter, for those tracking…) at Mercersburg in the fall! I would have never in a million years seen this coming three years ago.
DD1, in the meantime, applied and auditioned to about a million (OK, 35), BFA programs for Dance and Musical theatre (acceptance rates in the 1-7% range so 35 isn’t a crazy number in the BFA space). Some of you may remember when she was offered her dream ballet pre-pro so she left home on her 16th birthday and has been living in an apartment out of state since last year, finishing high school and studying ballet full time. Well, she did get offers from her dream city-schools (NYU, Boston Conservatory, etc…) and in a major pivot – fell in love with smaller, mentorship driven programs and committed to University of North Carolina in Greensboro for Musical theatre BFA (it’s a class of 4 boys + 4 girls, so very small, very individualized training). Again: I never would have seen this coming in a million years.
But both kids are doing exactly the best thing for pursuing their dreams and I’m beyond thrilled for them. Still – who would have ever guessed? not me.
All this to say:
FIT matters more than anything.
If anyone finds themselves needing information about auditioning for dance or theatre college programs, happy to share lessons learned.
If anyone finds themselves questioning about fit in BS and transferring, happy to share about lessons learned.
And finally: @Golfgr8 did I miss an announcement from you on your cryptic poem?
(Oh and in case you are putting it all together – yes this means we will have 3 DDs in Pennsylvania and 1 DD in North Carolina, while husband and I live in California, so basically I will spend my entire life either on a plane, renting a car to drive the 5 hours between the schools, picking up kids from the airport, or working to pay for it all.). :).


Wow, @Calliemomofgirls ! So nice the sibs can be together! And congrats to DD1! Those programs are insanely competitive. Interesting twists and turns but what an ending to this chapter.


I think your girls are amazing. Very few people are able to pivot like that but because they can, they are always ready to grab whatever opportunity comes their way!

By kids got to share an incredible year together at their BS. It was very, very special! It is not the same as being at the same old regular school (though mine never were) because at BS they share an unique culture and community. They have their own lives and friends but have also become so close. The younger two are going to miss D22 dearly, but I am so grateful for the bond they formed.