Misconception or blunt fact?

<p>I'm very interested in Pepperdine. Even though at the moment I'm planning to go into science, I want to go somewhere where I can feel free to change my choice to psychology and where I can explore my interests. I also love the small classes and the medium social scene--nothing hardcore but you can find a party if you wanted to. </p>

<pre><code> However, the more reviews I read, the more I wonder just how preppy this school is. I come from a modest middle-class family and have no chance of paying without a scholarship. I'm brunette and petite--not exactly the Barbie doll look I've been hearing exists at Pepperdine. How hard is it to fit in for a person like me? How true are these comments that people are very unaccepting of people who aren't exactly like them? My cousin attended, and she looks much like I do, and ended up meeting most of her bridesmaids there. I don't want to go through a high school-like experience, but I also don't want to be just another number at a UC. Am I better off just forgetting about fitting in at a college like PU? Can anyone help me?

Also, I'm an above 4.0 student who plans to do very well on the SAT, SAT II, and ACT, along with many volunteer hours, an intership this summer, involvement my church and my culture, a club or two my high school greatly lacks, and some good reconmendation letters. Will Pepperdine challenge me to my full potential without pushing me over the limit? or are there too many air-brained rich kids that are there because they can pay to be to get what i need out of my education?

<p>I am a white, republican and Roman Catholic, so my views won't be the issue, just the money, the fact that I am modestly shy, and the lack of a Mercedes and a Coach purse. ANY help would be greatly appercieted :D</p>

<p>Our family is middle class, no fancy cars or purses. D has had an excellent experience. She is defitnitely not a barbie blonde, more of a fiesty redhead! yet she is real shy at first. She has plent of friends with all kinds of financial levels. One particular friend comes from a family of old wealth...but you would never know it. She loves most of her classes, especially because they are small and the professors are very approachable. I think your cousins experience says a lot:) Good luck!</p>

<p>pinkpanther09, you sound like a match to me! Since you "plan" to do well on the SAT's, I take it that you are a high school junior. You have plenty of time to visit and see the campus. Who can say if Pepperdine will challenge you without pushing you over the limit? That is really such an individual thing. Your cousin should be able to advise you on the social life. Plenty of people with money do not care about flashing it around. (Of course there is nothing wrong with a nice Coach handbag!) I say apply to Pepperdine and see what happens!</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your advice. I am only a junior, but college is a huge focus for me and my family. I'm the baby, so they all want me to put as much time an research as possible so I can make the best decision. And I agree with them :)</p>