<p>is it possible to find a job with a misdemeanor conviction?</p>

<p>Traffic violation? If so, do not worry. If not, it depends on the misdemeanour. I would advise petitioning the court for the conviction to be expunged from your record if it is such a concern.</p>

<p>On many applications it says not to list misdemeanors.</p>

<p>Usually misdemeanors aren't a big deal, however certain jobs may inquire about any drugs charges (including misdemeanors), or charges involving theft (especially if you are handling money).</p>

<p>The major misdemeanor is Domestic Violence. I forget the law, but there is an act (I believe it's federal, probably wrong), that prohibits anyone from being a police officer if they have any DV charge on their record. This may overlap into other positions of public trust, don't know.</p>

<p>Most traffic violations aren't misdemeanors, they are summary offenses - which are a lower class.</p>

<p>It depends on the misdemeanor. Some employers require you to list them. Some do not. Obviously jobs that require handling of private info would be harder to get. What were you convicted of (if you mind telling)?</p>

<p>i was convicted of picking up hookers.</p>

<p>nah just playing im just asking this question generally.</p>