Miserable student

<p>k...my situation is horrible...
i have a 3.4440 on a 4.6 scale
i have a 650M, 580 V, 540 W
i have a fairly difficult course load and i am from a competitive high school...
what are my chances of getting into Rutgers, USP (pharmD), Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (pharmD), Penn State, Ohio State, and Indiana University in Bloomington...im taking the october sats...</p>

<p>any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks</p>

<p>You're in at IU no problem.</p>

<p>is that the only one i can get into???</p>

<p>The others you have a decent shot, but IU is an absolute lock, so quit worrying.</p>

<p>thanks notthatgood4...ur pretty good...lol</p>

<p>Pharmacy track is as competitive as a Premed or BS/MD track. In my honest opinion, your individual scores should be at least 700 each for Pharmacy track.</p>

<p>wat about St.John's pharmD program in Queens???...is it a good program???...r my stats good enough to get in???</p>


<p>yo stop worrying...chance threads are *****<strong><em>...my cousin got into NYU with a 77 gpa and a 1100 sat...swear...soo *</em></strong> these chance threads...you are just going to obsess more.</p>

<p>St. John's pharm program is very competitive, you should apply.</p>

<p>You realize IU does not have a pharmacy program?</p>