Miserable. Transfer from state school to fashion school?

<p>I'm a junior who's had her fair share of ups and downs the past couple years. I currently go to a large state school in the midwest, originally to study journalism. But I've had so many problems both academically and socially, that I have been failing or almost-failing (several but not all) classes the past couple years and feel so uninspired. There's just nothing at this school that I truly want to study because my true passion is both fashion journalism and fashion merchandising. My grades will probably get me kicked out of our journalism school, and I'm not sure I'd want to stay in it even if I wasn't kicked out. I hate it and my lack of interest and motivation is clearly a huge part of my problem.</p>

<p>My parents have known about my grades and problems, and when last year I brought up transferring to another school to study my true passion for fashion, they advised me to try sticking it out at my state school because it's more practical and whatnot. And I tried that. But they're used to the bright, excelling, A-student from high school, but now I'm only happy writing fashion columns for online publications outside of school. I feel in my gut I should transfer, even as a junior, and attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It's got both programs in fashion journalism and merchandising, and I can take classes online until I decide whether or not I want to eventually move out there and take physical classes. Plus a lot of my credits will actually transfer to fulfill their liberal arts requirements, so I won't be THAT far behind.</p>

<p>The problem is HOW I should tell my parents my thoughts in a mature, rational and persuasive way. I've talked to my parents about the Academy briefly, but they didn't listen as intently since they wanted me to give my state school another shot. Also, my dad doesn't have an even temper and I'm always afraid to voice my opinions to him, since he has never found the arts to be all that worthwhile like my mom.</p>

<p>The other problem is that if I transfer, my student loan at this school will kick in. I don't know how to rationalize where that money will come from to allow me to pursue my dreams rather than stay stuck at this school studying a whole new major because my grades don't qualify me to study what I want and my school doesn't offer more artistic/fashion/merchandising options. HELP!</p>

<p>Your parents probably want to make sure that you have a Bachelor's degree from a fully accredited school. Some of these art/fashion schools aren't fully accredited with degrees/credits recognized by traditional universities.. </p>

<p>Also, how will you pay for this new school? These art/fashion schools are expensive and aren't known for much aid.</p>

<p>It's accredited and I would earn a Bachelors. I wouldn't think of going somewhere I couldn't.</p>

<p>Also, it'll be cheaper than my current state school, because I'm paying out of state tuition which costs more than the private tuition at the Academy of Art University.</p>

<p>Will your mom help convince your dad?</p>

<p>Maybe, problem is she's more timid. She usually takes my side when I talk to her one-on-one, but my dad is stubborn and so it's hard to convince him of anything, even if we both double-team him, ya know? </p>

<p>I just don't want to waste any more time at this school when I knew last year already I wanted to transfer. I just don't know how to go about starting up the discussion again.</p>

<p>OK, what about this idea...</p>

<p>Your dad seems to be against these specialty schools. So, why don't you find another state school that has Fashion Mdsg and transfer there? Your dad might accept that.</p>

<p>And if that scares him, maybe double major....in your current major and fashion? Or do the Fashion and keep journalism as a minor?</p>

The other problem is that if I transfer, my student loan at this school will kick in.


<p>Generally, student loans can be deferred as long as you're still enrolled somewhere. You would need to request that from your lender and probably provide proof of enrollment.</p>

<p>That's a relief to hear about the deferred loan, sk8rmom.</p>

<p>mom2collegekids, I should have mentioned that at my current state school I am currently also in the Textile and Apparel Management program here, and have lots of problems with it that I won't bore you with on here. I feel like the other schools I have looked at have similar ones, but the types of classes I will be taking at the Academy are for the most part much different and more geared to what I enjoy and want to study. If I can explain that to my parents maybe I'll stand a fighting chance?</p>

<p>I totally understand your situation. When I wanted to move away to college, my parents didn't understand and wanted me to stay in my hometown so I can understand how parents can be. In the end, you have to do what makes you happy because years and years from now, you will be doing the same job so do something that is fulfilling to you. I think fashion journalism or merchandising is a great career path to take! FIDM in LA has a great merchandise marketing program and they have great industry connections. If you need help talking to your parents, I'm sure they are way used to talking to parents of prospective students and can answer any questions that you have. The school is also an accredited school which is very important to know when you're researching different fashion schools.</p>

<p>at my current state school I am currently also in the Textile and Apparel Management program here, and have lots of problems with it that I won't bore you with on here</p>

<p>I could be wrong, but I don't think Textile and Apparel Mgmt is the same as Fashion Merchandising at other universities. My gut is that your current school isn't meeting your creative side, which is what I sense you need. I think your current school is more geared towards the business side. Or am I off-base?</p>

<p>Since it's unlikely that your dad is going to pay for this Art/Fashion school because he doesn't have confidence in it, you need to look at some regular 4 year universities and see what they offer in that area.</p>

<p>I suggest looking at some SUNYs/CUNYs. The Calif publics that are strong in that area have deadlines that have already passed.</p>

<p>Hopefully, someone can recommend a NYC-area SUNY/CUNY that is strong in Fashion. I think that may satisfy your dad and you.....which is what you need. </p>

<p>Other areas: Chicago, Dallas, Houston (yucky hot), Austin and maybe Atlanta.</p>

<p>Another option....leave your univ, go to a CC that is strong in Fashion (there are a good number of these...especially in Calif) and then transfer to a Calif univ)</p>

<p>Yes, momof2kids, you're absolutely correct about the current program being much more business based. That's one of the reason's I'm not happy with it or doing well with it.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the advice, I'll definitely try looking into other schools until I find a handful my parents can look into!</p>