Missed 11/1 deadline - merit still possible?

Does anyone know if you can still receive a merit scholarship if you don’t apply by the 11/1 EA deadline?

I went ahead and contacted the admissions department who said there could possibly be some money left and, given daughter’s GPA and ACT, encouraged daughter to apply.

For anyone who’s curious, I also saw on the website that awards are usually sent out within 7-10 days, and daughter hasn’t received anything, so I’m guessing missing the deadline did hurt her chances after all.

And in case anyone is still reading, she received notice of a merit award today!

@mom2adancer Congrats to your daughter. My son is thinking of applying next year and could use a merit scholarship.

@mom2adancer - What was your daughter’s stats if you don’t mind me asking? Did she get full tuition off?

@COboysmom the school does a really nice job at outlining requirements for merit scholarships, both for in-state and OOS students: https://admissions.ku.edu/tuition-scholarship/freshman