Missed a lot on PSAT,how is the SAT?

<p>Is it exactly the same format and # of questions? I missed like 55 questions I think that's bad since I got 57 compared to other test takers I think that means 57% and if I work on my weaknesses should i take the SAT in June or senior year winter? I don't want to waste $ by retaking b\c I don't have reduced\free lunch no waviers for me.</p>

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<p>No, the real one is ten sections, not 3 sections. It is much longer and has more questions. You can improve by getting the SAT OFFICIAL STUDY GUIDE SECOND ED. and going through that book diligently. I would recommend you take at the beginning of Senior year(Not in November or December...in October is best) or in May of this year to get it over with and not lose focus over the summer. Be sure to know what you are aiming for and use the scoring charts in the official study guide(BB), to determine how many you should leave blank and how many you should answer.</p>