Missed Deadline

<p>By some oversight, my parents and I missed the fin aid deadline for ED applicants. We realized our mistake, and submitted the forms online last night. It said on the website that although the deadline (for the application) is Nov 1, they wouldn't start reviewing the application until the 15 and that late forms will be accepted until then. Does this apply to fin aid too? Should I call the office and apologize, or just hope they accept the form? Btw, I probably won't be getting a lot of financial aid, and it's not that big a deal, but I think I would get some.</p>

<p>Call and let them the filing is on the way. Please remember that college admisions people have a heart. They understand these things happen. None of these deadlines is set in stone. I know someone who missed the app deadline for an Ivy, called and asked them to please accept his app. They were accommodating. He was accepted at the school. Your forms will be be reviewed. Relax and stop panicking.</p>