Missed Financial Aid Deadline... in need of desperate help

<p>I got accepted ED into my top choice school. However, I completely missed the Dec. 1 financial aid deadline due to ignorance (first gen American and just lack of research)</p>

<p>I got a letter today from my school and it said this:</p>

<p>We will need the following forms and/or documentation in order to conduct a fair and thorough evaluation of your financial aid application:</p>

<p>12-13 Dependent Verif Worksheet (web) (Not Received)
CSS / Financial Aid PROFILE (Not Received)
FAFSA (Not Received)
Stud Info Release Form (Not Received)
2011 Parent 1040+All Sched+W2s/1099s (Not Received)
IRS Retrieval (Not Received)</p>

<p>I just finished FAFSA and I am almost done with the CSS / Financial Aid Profile. Do the fin aid office just get those automatically?</p>

<p>For IRS Retrieval, is that included with FAFSA (cuz I saw it on there)</p>

<p>For the rest, do I mail it or send it as an email to the office?</p>

<p>My parents don't have the 2011 Parent 1040 yet... </p>

<p>Please can someone guide me in this, I am so scared.</p>

<p>Thank you guys for being so kind to an ignorant like me :(</p>

<p>Call the school and ask THEM. The FAFSA for the 2011-2012 school year isn't even available to FILE until Jan 1, 2012. I'm not sure how you could have done this unless you did the one for the current school year.</p>

<p>Right now...you need to check what your school requires of ED applicants. My guess is that there was a priority early filing date for the Profile. DO THAT...using your best estmates for 2011. The year is about to end so your parents SHOULD have pay stubs that will give them all the income/tax information year to date...which is all of 2011. Use that info.</p>

<p>You need to SUBMIT the CSS Profile (and the FAFSA when it's available) to the school using the school's code. That is how they get these forms. Everything else can be sent in the mail....I would use Fed Ex at this point.</p>

<p>Call the school FA office TODAY, explain your situation, and ask them what order to send these documents - what they want first - and let them know you are working to resolve the missing pieces asap.</p>

<p>I'm sending in my parents' 2010 tax forms today, and submitting the CSS profile online. Am I in big trouble? The school btw is Claremont McKenna College :) <3 I'm still in love despite the big trouble I'm in</p>

<p>I received a letter yesterday, The letter said that "because you have missed the aid application deadline, your institutional grant eligibility will depend on the availability of college funds." How can they run out of funds if its only ED?</p>

<p>You really need to call the school and ask these questions rather than random parents on the internet.</p>

<p>I called today, and they will accept my stuff. I asked if I was in trouble and they said that it depended on the college funds...</p>


<p>How can they run out of funds if its only ED?
They will process on time files first-</p>

<p>Okay, I really hope they'll atleast give me a small amount :( or like consider my aid with the EDII applicants or something</p>

<p>GET the forms in!! The sooner you do , the better you chances. GET off CC and get to work.</p>

<p>^ I sent in everything yesterday. Now I'll just hope for the best :) Is it possible that they will give me nothing at all?</p>


<p>The only ones who can really answer your questions are the folks in the financial aid office at the college. In all likelihood that is closed right now. Try to enjoy your holiday with your family and give them a call after the holiday is over. </p>

<p>Anything is "possible" but only the school will be able to tell you what they will do.</p>