Missed the May 1st NSEOF deadline, how screwed am I?

<p>Long story short, I was in the middle of trying to sort one thing out with the admissions office, and realized too late that I had missed the deadline for the confirmation, and although I went in and talked to the admissions people, it doesn't sound good, especially with all the dire warnings of missing the deadlines. It doesn't seem like my situation is getting an exception... does anyone know what usually happens to people who miss the deadline but pay anyways and have a decent excuse?</p>

<p>Say your that your brother just came of the closet and told your family he was gay. Say your family is very conservative and it caused major family conflict and you just simply forgot about the deadline. Or you could say that your power went out and you lost your cell phone and all other forms of communication. You dog ate it. Your G/F just gave birth but you didn't know she was pregnant! Make up some ******** and your in no problem.Nah I'm just messing with you. your probably screwed. But good luck!</p>

<p>To help you out, I quote from the UW "welcome booklet", page 3:</p>

<p>When do I pay the NSEOF?
The Enrollment Confirmation and NSEOF
payment are due to the University no later than
May 1, 2009, for international freshmen, unless
you have been instructed otherwise in written
correspondence from the Office of Admissions.
International transfer students must submit the
Enrollment Confirmation and NSEOF payment
by the deadline indicated on the Enrollment
Confirmation Form. If your confirmation and
payment are not received by the deadline, it is
unlikely that you will be able to enroll at the UW.

<p>So, presuming you have not been "instructed otherwise" in the written correspondece from UW, I'd say you're in quite a bit of trouble. Better call them up fast.
Good luck!</p>