Missing a course requirement until senior year?

So, Caltech requires one year of chemistry. I won’t take AP Chemistry until senior year. Will that be a problem? Do I have to say that anywhere in my application?

Thanks in advance!

No. AFAIK, there is no college in the US that requires you to meet course requirement by the time you apply.

The application asked you to list your senior year courses.

Thank you!

Caltech’s website says "You must have either completed the following courses or be enrolled in them at the time of your application."http://www.admissions.caltech.edu/content/academic-preparation-requirements

So, no. I’ve heard that if you are taking Calculus or Physics (a first physics class, that is) your senior year and apply to Caltech EA, you are likely to be deferred so that they can see your fall grade in those classes. I don’t believe that is true about chemistry.

My son took chemistry during his senior year and was admitted EA. Didn’t know that taking physics senior year would mean an auto EA defer.

I would hope there are a lot of seniors who haven’t taken all the required classes for college. What would be the point of going to high school for another year if not to take classes that are required for college?

@twoinanddone You’d be surprised. Sometimes it is required to take more courses to graduate HS than it takes to get into college. Examples: 4 years of civ/history. 3 years of one foreign language (or 2 years of one and 2 of another)

@AcoolGuy1 Im 100% certain they also say ‘recommended’ course completion/enrollment. Not doing a course/two thats recommended for a valid reason wouldnt matter at all. It certainly doesnt lower admissions chances.