Missing a Teacher Recommendation...Bad?

<p>Well its not missing, but I'm worried if my math teacher mailed in the recommendation. Last week she told me she would mail it in this week. But we didn't have school Monday or Tuesday, and she wasn't here Wednesday or today (deadline for EA). She hasn't contacted me and I've tried to email her but she hasn't responded. So I'm a bit worried. Would missing a recommendation be bad? Would it affect my application?</p>

<p>they have to be postmarked by the 8th so you still have seven days.</p>

<p>arapollo what do you mean? some schools want them postmarked Nov 1 (today)
Made<em>in</em>China, at least you got your app in on time. It won't be a huge deal if the rec arrives a little late. In fact, stuff gets lost in the mail and misplaced during filing all the time. If you are missing something, the college will call you and ask you for it. Dont' you hate when teachers aren't responsible?</p>

<p>I remember something that libby wrote she said 7 days after the deadline for recs is ok. ill try to find the website if i can i will post it here.</p>

<p>the adcom knows students can't control when teachers send things, so I can guarantee you they'll cut some slack. the real problem is the compressed reading cycle.</p>

<p>This may be one of the few times I suggest you call the admissions office. Just ask the person who answers if they can check the file to see if the rec is there. </p>

<p>If you do call, please post back with a message letting us know how it went. this is always useful data.</p>

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Supporting documents, such as teacher recommendations and the secondary school and transcript report, should be in our office by November 8


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<p>Again, don't freak out too much. If your school or your teachers are delinquent in sending in things, it reflects poorly on them, not on you, and it only hurts you to the extent that they don't have the information they want about you from people who are not you. One of my teachers was late in sending in a rec, and, as you can see, had little effect on my own admissions decision.</p>

<p>I'm also going to go against nmd's rec. The check credentials tab isn't up yet, and I'm sure that the office is being flooded with all sorts of calls today. If it's still a problem by next week, though, maybe that's the time to put in a phone call to the office.</p>