Missing an application deadline

<p>hypothetically (but of course), if one were to miss an application deadline, but then submit the common app a day or two late, is it likely it'll just be tossed, or is there a chance the school will still accept it if they already have stuff in your file (teacher recs, artistic supplement, etc)? </p>

<p>luckily this is not one of my top schools (er i mean, it wouldn't be one of my top schools if this were a non-hypothetical situation), but i'd just know if there's any way to salvage the damage of reading "january 12" as "january 15." oh dear.</p>

<p>It boggles my mind that people applying to the top schools don't have the common sense to NOT wait until the deadline and the double, triple, heck even quadruple check deadlines. Surely you read "january 12" many times and it had to click in your head atleast once. </p>

<p>Not a personal rant against you, but rather against everyone on CC who does the same thing as you--"OMG I submitted 5 minutes/3 days/1week/however long after the deadline" Of course, I did enjoy watching these people at my HS agonize over meeting the deadlines at the last minute when I had gotten my stuff done early for RD schools and applied to a few rolling :)</p>

<p>this was very helpful. thank you.</p>

<p>sorry, just my 2 cents. i honestly was going to add the following but forgot once i gave my rant:</p>

<p>A minute or two, they probably won't even notice. After a few days, they may stop accepting any apps not postmarked by the certain day (if using snail mail). With internet apps, they receive it instantly (I assume, like everything else on the internet) and therefore can tell when it was submitted. Each school is different in their policies--some super strict and some not. I'll admit that calling the school and saying "I submitted my app a few days late, will you still accept it?" probably will land you in the rejected pile. That's if they get your name anyway. But it's probably your best bet to find out if they accept late apps. Also check the website.</p>

<p>Again, sorry for forgetting to post this in my original reply.</p>

<p>I would say if you want to know for sure call the admissions department and ask. They'll tell you yes or no, and then you'll know. My D decided at the last minute she wanted to apply ED to a college, the deadline would be up before she could get her app finished and in. They extended the deadline, and called her school to let them know that they received it. Open communication is the best I think. What could you lose? If you're in the reject pile anyway you've lost nothing, but you might get an understanding admissions counselor.</p>

<p>I sumbitted an application 8 days late and I got an e-mail a few days latter saying it was under review. It shouldn't be too big of a deal, just call the school to find out.</p>

<p>What happens if you turn in a paper in class a day late? Some teachers will accept it no problem; some will lower your grade; and some won't accept it at all. Same with colleges. They each handle it differently. When you cut it so close to the deadlines, you take your chances.</p>

<p>I turned in my common app on time but I'm afraid the supplement will be late!</p>

<p>i called some admissions ppl and they said late apps would be ok. from what i can gather, most schools seem pretty lax about it -- they get like thousands and thousands of mail/internet apps, so i doubt they are going to look very closely at the date. </p>

<p>oh, and ps - roonil_wazlib=best username ever</p>

<p>bottom line - they want your money</p>

<p>a couple days late usually wont matter</p>

<p>If the deadline is Tuesday 1/16... Does that mean that applications can be sent ON Tuesday? Or is it it only until midnight the night before?</p>

<p>Call the admissions office - our D missed one (internet) deadline last year (thought she had hit 'submit' but something happened. They told her it was too late and wouldn't be considered.</p>

<p>Bottom line - check before sending money...</p>

<p>I've got emails from 2 ivies and 2 good liberal arts colleges saying that I can still apply even though the deadline was way back. I was communicating with them regularly but got into my ED college and forgot to tell them about it. Maybe , that's why they are still sending me emails..</p>

<p>I definately think that it's the best to apply on time or even early on. This is a reflection on who you are personally. It shows your responsibility and maturity. Well, especially for tough schools to get into, the colleges try anything to weed out students on the first rounds. This would be an easy way to weed out students truthfully speaking...these schools have far too many students to deal with and have to eliminate prospies. I don't know...I might be completely wrong, but I think first impressions are important. Call the office!</p>

<p>What about submitting teachers recommendations late? I mean, it's not as if you have control over that.
Also, I noticed a lot of Colleges having their deadlines at 1/15, but mail doesn't go through today. So, anything you actually send in today gets postmarked tomorrow. Seems kinda silly to have your deadline on a national holiday, but idk...</p>

<p>My gut tells me a lot of schools don't care because it takes them a few days to sort through all the apps anyway, and your app would just be added to the To Do list. Someone at my school accidentally forgot to send his Harvard supplement until like 2 weeks past the early action deadline, but they still took it.</p>

<p>what about a late financial aid app? i cant believe i missed the deadline... jan 1, for hte cornell financial aid app</p>

<p>Regarding why schools select Jan 15 even though its a national holiday--That's their deadline every year and why bother changing it just because it falls on a holiday every couple years? Schools have numerous webpages that state "Jan 15" and having to go through and change it on holiday years would be a waste of time considering it only happens occasionally. A HS senior should be able to tell that it'll fall on a no-mail day and therefore plan ahead for it.</p>

<p>Still...I mean I forgot it was a holiday today because my school still has session. I didn't even think of it. Not saying it messed me up in any way. (although I do have teacher recommendations not sent in yet) I applied to all my colleges already and finished all but 2 supplements. (which I'm gonna finish tomorrow) But what if someone was planning to finish on the 15th, only to realize that it's MLK day? Not everyone cares about it to look. Gotta admit that.
Sucks to be him, I guess. It wouldn't hurt to give an extra day when it falls like that.</p>

<p>Isn't it February 1st for Financial Aid for almost everywhere?</p>