Missing Items?

<p>So today I got an email from Caltech Admissions titled missing items:


Dear [Redacted],</p>

<p>Thank you for your patience while we worked to provide you with the most
accurate information possible on the items needed to complete your Early Action

<p>The item(s) missing from your application include:</p>


<p>If you have these items sent immediately, we will be able to review your
application and make a decision by the middle of December. We recognize that
the items may have already been sent, but for some reason beyond your control,
have not arrived at Caltech. It is important that items you believe have
already been sent be resubmitted to us at this time.</p>

<p>If your missing item(s) include a teacher evaluation or secondary school
report, the quickest and most reliable method to submit it is through the
Common Application website. Please have your recommender log on to the Common
Application website and submit their document for you as soon as possible. It
is not necessary for the document to be sent by mail if it is submitted online.</p>

<p>Please let us know if you have any questions.</p>


<p>Jarrid J. Whitney
Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid


<p>So am I missing Items or not? Or is this a glitch in their system?</p>

<p>This looks like a glitch in their system. I would just email the admissions office and tell them about this email to clarify that you are not missing anything.</p>