Missing one major prep UCSB/UCSD

Hey everyone, I applied to both UCSD and UCSB this year as a biology major. Last year, I attended a private university and switched to a CCC for this year. My previous university gave me AP credit for Gen Chem 1 so I took Gen Chem 2 spring 2021. However, because the UC schools don’t offer AP chemistry credit for Gen Chem, I am missing that Chem 1 credit. When I was in the process of applying, I had a UCSB admissions rep and my CC counselor look over my TAG and they said there shouldn’t be a problem. Well, there was a problem because I was not accepted into UCSB. I called admissions and they said it was because I was missing that Gen Chem 1 credit.

I am now a tad worried about UCSD. I spoke with UCSD admissions officers this past fall and they told me that if I was accepted, I could petition my credit or take Gen Chem 1 at UCSD. Because my major is capped, I don’t see how I’ll be accepted into that major without that credit.

I’m curious to see if anyone knows of a similar situation and how it turned out, or how UCSD might view my situation.

There was another poster on CC this year, a transfer from an OOS 4 year university that was denied from UCR for the same reason. I have not seen any postings for this poster since the denial at UCR and I am sure they applied to several more UC’s which might include UCSD, so you might want to send them a PM. @whippymop

Unfortunately, UC’s can be very particular about the required courses and just because one school will accept AP credit does not mean all will follow suit.

Best of luck.

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Unfortunately, I believe, you will most likely be rejected everywhere. UCs have become ultra strict with requirements and if you’re missing even 1 - in this case, gen chem - you will be “auto rejected.”

I’m looking at UCSD’s AP chart and it seems like you’re exempt from Chem 6a, 6b, and 6c with a score of 5 on AP chem. do you have that? and even if you do, it seems like most majors require you to complete the lab component, chem 7 series. did you complete a separate lab class?

I received a 4 on AP Chem and I did take a separate lab class at my university that was concurrent with Gen Chem 2. I’m hoping that UCSD will consider me for my alternative major which does not require chemistry fro transfer, but I will just have to wait until then.

I hope they do! I know for freshman year, they definitely did.

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