Missing Rec-who emails?

<p>So Princeton contacted me about not receiving a recommendation from one of my teachers. My school is not familiar with US admission process at all, and they certainly don't do overseas fax. My teacher is not the IT savvy kind so she's not good with emailing and I'm sure she'll be asking me how to scan the recommendation to be sent as email.</p>

<p>In either case, the recommendation will not be confidential anymore. Strangely though, Princeton contacts me to get the missing rec, but did not contact my teacher (she said she checked her email n there was no notification)</p>

<p>So can I email Princeton her recommendation directly instead? ... Anxious ....</p>


<p>*So can I email Princeton her recommendation directly from my email account instead?</p>

<p>At the end of the day, any rec is better than no rec. Get it to Princeton with or without the security situations.</p>

<p>hmm. I really appreciate that, T26E4. appeased my quandary. Thanks</p>

<p>Maybe I'll email them, and tell them my teacher is sending by mail again, but since it will take some time to reach, I am emailing them a soft copy.</p>

<p>Did you submit your CommonApp online or did you have it posted? If it was the online form, try inviting the teacher and having her fill it again. That would probably be the most convenient way.</p>