Missing Transcript

<p>Hi there!
So I turned in my application a while ago along with my transcript like on the 11th of January, but the application portal states they still do not have my transcript. I called them and they said they have it. So its just a matter of not being listed in the portal. The reason why I am worried is that I read somewhere in that they do not accept your application if all your documents are not turned in by the first of February. I already called them on the 23rd or so, so not sure what to do....

<p>Same situation with me. I emailed them, they told me they do not have my transcript. They then asked me to fax it to them. As of today, they still have not received my transcript. This really sucks because this is my top choice, and it seems like I won't even have a shot because they don't have my transcript even though I've sent it twice.</p>

<p>Hopefully, our transcript problems will be solved soon x-x Just not sure what else to do after calling them and all. I just fear soon it will be too late to make a difference.
Let's hope it changes soon on the portal for both of us.</p>

<p>Bug them until it's resolved. I had that problem last year, too. I faxed, emailed, and snail mailed a file and they STILL didn't receive it (and this was in late February, even though I sent my stuff in January).</p>

<p>I'd mail it again, or look up an admissions officer's email and send it that way.</p>

<p>Thank you :) I will try to do that and hope it works</p>

<p>As of today, they updated my application and it is complete :) Hopefully, yours was as well powpowman</p>


<p>@NemoStudent: Yes, mine was complete today as well. What a coincidence haha. Good luck to you in the admissions process!</p>

<p>Good luck to you as well :) Glad to see we both got it updated!</p>