Missing Transcripts... (Already Graduated)

<p>I have a rather odd problem, and am looking for any kind of advice. </p>

<p>I graduated from UCLA about a year ago (2009). No problems there. I was a transfer student from another UC, submitted all of my transcripts from other institutions (or so i thought), and everything went quite well. I took a Pre-Calc class at UC Merced during the summer of 2007 just for fun, and assumed that the transcript from UCM would be submitted automatically to UCLA since that is what happens with UC to UC classes. This class was taken after I was admitted and had absolutely no weight on my transfer admission decision.</p>

<p>I didn't think anything of it until today when I was reviewing my final undergrad UCLA transcript. In the transcript, there is no mention of me ever attending UC Merced, or any mention of the Pre-Calc class being taken. </p>

<p>I am a little worried because if there is no record of UCM on my final UCLA transcript, then that probably means that UCLA never received anything from UCM. This is a big problem since if my record ever gets audited, it could appear like I was trying to omit sending a transcript to UCLA. And, could result in my degree becoming rescinded. </p>

<p>I already sent two emails out to the registrar about this issue tonight, and am planning on calling UCLA this morning. Should I be significantly concerned? I am very worried because of how late I am reporting this issue. This should of been something I noticed before I graduated. Undergrad records are closed after a degree is awarded, and I am not sure how this can even be fixed.</p>

<p>when you figure it out, make sure to post the result of the email on here. i'm interested to see what happens, because my friend has a similar situation</p>

<p>and what grade did you get at UCM?</p>

<p>I got a C+ in the class. It would not of raised or lowered my GPA by anything significant. If the class transfered correctly, I would not of been forced to take an extra class during spring quarter to graduate on time. </p>

<p>Anyways, I just got off the phone with the registrar's office. She transfered me to the degree auditor, and I spoke to her directly. She essentially told me that she does not care. They are not going to reopen my records for something so insignificant, they are not going to revoke my degree, they are not going to do anything bad, and to just ignore it. The class did not count for any degree requirments, unit requirments, or anything. I was well above and beyond all of those requirments, so in her eyes - no big deal. And once the records are closed - they are closed. They will NOT make any changes or bother to meddle in/audit anything unless it is a very extreme issue.</p>

<p>This seems to be par for the course at UCLA. When i transfered there, they accepted only a handful of my credits/grades from the other UC I transfred from anyways. It seems that they are most concerned with classes taken at their institution, and do not really care about anything else so long as its not some huge case of misreporting, or some other rediculous issue.</p>

<p>Glad to know I am in the clear!</p>

<p>Thanks for posting your results!</p>