Mississippi State Honors College (Shackouls College) vs. Case Western

Trying to make a choice between Mississippi State Honors college(Shackouls College) and Case Western, Ohio . Got offers of admission from both… for computer engineering, for the 2018 -2019 academic year. Finance is no issue because for me, the financial package would be similar, across the board. Would appreciate any insight, experience, etc. Thanks in advance.

My son has also been accepted at both schools. Case is a much better school academically for Computer Science. However, he did not like the Case campus, city environment and the students seemed extremely strange. His admitted student visit at Case was very disappointing. Academics - advantage Case, student life and campus atmosphere - advantage MSU. My son is a NMF so the MSU financial aid package is hard to beat, under $4000 with no loans for OOS.