Mississippi State vs. University of Arkansas

Hi I have narrowed my school search down to Mississippi State or University of Arkansas. I am hoping to major in some type of engineering, most likely Mechanical. UofA has a “almost 100% placement rate” and I cannot find anything on mississippi states placement rates. Based of US news undergrad engineering schools, Mississippi State is ranked above UofA. What are your opinions? Which school should I choose? Also which is better based on Student life, Clubs, etc. I am not going to go greek and I have heard UofA has a really big greek life so that kinda scares me away. what do you think? THANKS


Are you just a junior ???

If so, why are you “narrowing down” choices NOW?

Ok so I am a current Junior, just go my February scores back and dont know if I should take the test again. I have taken the ACT 3 times before first: 23 second: 24 third: 27


My english score went up 5 point to a 32 which really helped me get that 27. Never thought that I would be able to do that on my third try and I’m kind of worried that if I take it again my score might go down. I might have just gotten really lucky because i didnt think I did that well.

I am not applying to any elite colleges, just state universities. But at one of the schools that I am looking at if I can get a 28 on the ACT than I can get a generous scholarship. Do you think 27 was my peak? I just dont want my score to go down and lose courage. TWO QUESTIONS: Should I take it again? what do you think my chances are of increasing it one more point to a 28 ? THANKS

What are your parents said about paying for both schools? If paying for either school is an issue, then you will certainly need more choices.

What is your home state?

how much will your parents pay each year?

I can’t say much about Mississippi, but I can share a bit about the U of A Fayetteville. It has a good engineering program, good professors, every spring they bring in the “recruiters” and try their best to help you find a job. That in it’s self, is HUGE!! Greeks are big on campus, and so is Razorback football. The scenery is beautiful, and if you are into nature, you’ll be happy. Most students are friendly and nice, shouldn’t be too hard to make friends. The winters aren’t too bad, considering you are in the mountains, summer is humid, spring and fall are the best. There’s a nightlife down the street from the U of A, clubs, bars, whatever. There is very little crime, regardless of the area of town or the time of day. Campus is huge, and spread out and hilly. You’ll be in shape after walking the campus for 4 years. You don’t ‘need’ a car, but it would be nice to have, lots of students make do with a moped or bike.