Mississippi State vs Vanderbilt!

<p>Hey everyone! I am in a really tough spot... I am STUCK between two colleges. Now based on the topic title alone, it would seem like an easy choice; however, my scholarship to MSU compilcates things. To start of, I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering and hope to pursue Tissue Engineering. I have a full ride to MSU (plus some that I will list in a second), and Vandy is 10k a year (which my parents said is fine for them).</p>

<p>Now I LOVE both places. But I have been a Mississippian for eighteen years, and I love MSU sports, campus, people, etc. I know TONS of people there, have a great roommate set up, and feel very comfortable on campus. I'm just more familiar with it. However, Vanderbilt is an AMAZING school, althought MSU is a good engineering school too.</p>

<p>At MSU I am one of 9 Distinguished Scholars who receive:
-full tuition, board, meals, books, travel
-two $2,000 research grants useable for two separate summers (and MSU has a tissue engineering lab)
-a $1,500 study abroad stipend (MSU also has certain SA for BioMed)
-priority help in finding internships
-fall and spring distinguished scholar week-long trips around the country</p>

<p>With that in mind, is that worth giving up over Vandy? I am MOST concerned about having a great resume for Grad School, and I know that I would have a higher GPA at State. Also, my opportunity to do things IN SCHOOL may be greater with paid research, study abroad. All opinions are appreciated!! Thanks!</p>

<p>I have visited both schools. MSU has strong engineering, that's a plus. Vandy is also good in engineering. </p>

<p>However, I would say that Vandy can offer more in the long run...better academics in all subjects....better name...top 20 school...maybe better alumni network.</p>

<p>However, both are SEC....hmmmm...who do you cheer for???</p>

<p>Hmmm. MSU ha</p>

<p>bump! My main concern is whether I will get the options of going to a good grad school even from MSU</p>

<p>PhD programs are generally not that prestige-obsessed--my mother used to work in a (just-created department at a) second/third-tier state university and they did send some kids to Caltech and MIT. She wasn't in BME but in a related field. I would say it is definitely possible to get into a good grad program from MSU. </p>

<p>That said, Vanderbilt has resources MSU can't touch, although your scholarship helps with that somewhat. In the end it's your choice, of course--if I were in your shoes I know what I'd do, but we're all different.</p>

<p>That's a great opportunity at MSU. Vandy might sound better, but you as a student will be probably be valued more as a student at MSU.</p>

but you as a student will be probably be valued more as a student at MSU.


<p>I can see why someone would say this, because the OP has one of just a few of the great scholarships. However, the engineering school at Vanderbilt is not very large, and the attention paid to students is very good. </p>

<p>Good luck with your choice, OP.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the opinions! it really is a tough decision</p>


<p>Does MSU have a medical school on campus? I don't think it does, but I'm not sure. I am asking because I have noticed, as an outsider, that there seems to be considerable interaction between the BME program and the Vanderbilt Medical Center. Some of the faculty hold joint appointments, and those connections play a role in the kind of research opportunities that are available and the sort of hands-on training available in coursework.</p>

<p>Having said that, I have no numbers whatever about the percentage of students who actually do research, much less research that involves the Medical Center. That is the sort of information you might get if you contact the undergraduate program director for the BME program. (Check the web site faculty listings.)</p>

<p>BTW, I am not trying to discourage you from accepting the wonderful offer at MSU. You have a tough decision.</p>

<p>No they don't.... but that's a really good suggestion, and I should really look into it</p>