Missouri S&T vs South Dakota School of Mines (Civil Engineering)

Any thoughts between these two schools? Thank you for your feedback.

Both are fine institutions. Where do you live? What do you want to study? How much can you pay? Have you run the Net Price Calculators at each of their websites?

Thank you for your reply. We are from NY. NPC is about the same. Unfortunately due to COVID, we have been unable to visit.

Have you been admitted for the fall term, and need to decide now? Or are you making your list of places to apply to?

If you have specific concerns about job placement, contact the Civil Engineering departments and the Career Centers at each of these universities, and ask where their graduates find work.

thank you for your reply. I am just looking, for next year admission.

Since it is for next year, if you can afford to apply to both, go ahead and do that. Use the time between now and next spring to research specific course offerings, living expenses in each location, and career placement. Ask the admissions teams to put you in touch with current students so you can find out about their experiences. Then you will have a lot of information to use if you need to choose between A, B, C, D, etc. after you have all of your acceptances and aid packages in hand.

great advice. thank you.

Have you looked at Colorado School of Mines? A more interesting part of the country (and I’m originally from Missouri). There isn’t much to love about Rolla and the starting salary at Colorado Mines is higher. Also easier to get there from NY.

Tuition at Mines is a lot more than at Rolla or SDSM. A LOT more.

Wyoming is also a good option and cheaper tuition with a lot of aid. Montana State and Montana also good options.

Thank you

we have friends at SDSoM. Kiddo likes it - but its very tiny for sure!

Both are strong STEM universities but I am biased towards SD Mines because I’ve met SD Mines students and have been on campus. All other things being equal, you need to determine if SD Mines will be a good fit academically and culturally. There are not many students at SD Mines from the east coast. I know a Virginian and and a Massachusetts kid who matriculated at SD Mines and enjoyed it. The Virginia kid was waitlisted at VaTech, which is how he ended up at Mines. SD Mines draws its non resident students largely from the upper Midwest, specifically Minnesota, but you’ll find kids from the Pacific Northwest and Colorado too, because the cost can be comparable or even less than Colorado Mines, and SD Mines admission is frankly easier than engineering at U Washington (separate admissions). Engineering is really rigorous at SD Mines, but the administration is very engaged in the students’ success. SD Mines major drawback is the relatively small female population. Recently there was a woman university president, a former Congresswoman. The school is working hard to attract and support female students. Finally, life in Rapid City SD is a lot more interesting than life in Rolla, MO.

Thank you for your comments!